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But probably useful to you even now in its early stages of developement

This is a resource page for tutors and learning center managers that work in higher education.

We are currently an informally organized group that draws on peer, paraprofessional, and professional tutors and educators in an effort to improve the delivery of academic assistance at institutions of higher education.

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TTD -- Tutor Training Day

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Learning Centers
LSC Academic Support Services

University of Texas at Austin

UVM Learning Coop
VTC Learning Center (coming soon)
Marlboro  College Math Clinic

Student Support Services (TRIO)
       CSC Academic Support Service
       JSC Academic Support Services
            LSC Student Support Services
            SVC ACTion Program
            UVM TRIO
            VTC Judd Support Center

Everything from Pedagogy to Politics     Takes you to a list of web resources related to the full spectrum of topics in delivering tutoring services; everything from pedagogy to politics.

Success Stories 

One student in particular comes to mind.  He has  ADD and struggled through Tech Math
and got a C.  In Calculus, the study skills suggestions and other tutoring
started to sink in.  His work became neater and more organized.  He did
more and more work, even work that was not assigned.  He asked questions
about details like correct notation and vocabulary.  He completed calculus with
a well deserved B, and was justifiably very proud of himself. (Editor's note:  it is very
unusual for a student to increase his/her grade in the Tech Math to Calculus sequence.)

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