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The Green Restaurant in the Green Mountain State (Vermont Green Restaurant) Program is a sector program of the Vermont Business Environmental Partnership (VBEP). All VBEP programs are FREE, voluntary, environmental assistance and business recognition programs offered by the Environmental Assistance Office of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation and the Vermont Small Business Development Center. The goals of the Partnership are to improve environmental and economic performance and to promote public recognition of environmental excellence for businesses. 

The Green Restaurant in the Green Mountain State designation will recognize the Environmental Leaders in the dining business. Dining establishments must achieve the set of eight environmental standards required of all members. All Environmental Leaders must satisfy both tiers of the 'General Business' requirements, which includes satisfactory completion of the VBEP Marina Achievement Form and the VBEP Environmental Action Plan. Any business can still join as an Environmental Partner in the 'General Businesses' program, however they will not be recognized in any Green Restaurant in the Green Mountain State publicity. If you are interested in joining VBEP at the Partner level, review the "How to Join" basics for the VBEP program. You will follow this procedure to be approved for the first tier, the Partner level. On that page you will also find links to other pages for the general VBEP program.

Currently, the Vermont Green Restaurant program is a pilot program for changing the certification process to a point system.  The VBEP Restaurant Achievement form has been replaced with the VBEP Environmental Leader Restaurant Workbook.  This workbook designates points for most environmental best management practices (EBMP). The business may suggest other EBMP's for review by the program representatives.

How to Join

Contact the program representatives to schedule a site visit and for a copy of theVBEP Environmental Leader Restaurant Workbook . The program representative will visit your facility and assess your site for ongoing enironmental best management practices and new opportunities to reduce environmental impacts plus be a resource as you complete the workbook. When the required number of points is achieved, the workbook is submitted for review.  Once approved, the business is designated as a Green Restaurant in the Green Mountain State. Technical assistance is available during this process and as long as the designation is maintained by completing the VBEP Annual Survey and any other requirements. Once membership is achieved, you will receive a certificate, window decals, and an electronic version of program logo to use in your marketing materials, as well as a listing on on the home page of the VBEP as a new partner, and permanent listing on the VBEP Members web page.


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