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Why Join the Vermont Green Links Program?

Becoming a Vermont Green Links course is an excellent way to communicate to golfers and the general public that your course goes the extra mile to reduce environmental impacts. Most companies also see substantial cost savings resulting from new waste reduction and resource conservation initiatives.

To facilitate marketing yourself as a green business, you will receive the following:

  • A congratulatory letter and a framed certificate of recognition signed by the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation;

  • A 5"x 7" Vermont Green Links (VGL) desk card framed in a stand up display;

  • An electronic version of the VGL logo that can be used in your marketing materials;

  • Your golf course will be listed on our website (see Members) with a link to your website;

  • The opportunity to have a flag made displaying the VGL logo.

Another great benefit of joining the VBEP is having a fresh set of eyes look at your operations during the on-site visit. VBEP representatives provide free and confidential technical assistance. They are an excellent resource for ideas and suggestions on how to improve both environmental performance and your bottom line. You'll also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your facility is complying with environmental regulations.

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