In my senior year of high school, my school required that every senior take part in Graduation Challenge. This was a project where each student would choose a topic and spend as much as 45 hours working on over the year. As you may have guessed, I chose to learn to play the piano.

As I began, I had no idea what I was doing and looked about on the internet to try to get my bearings and understand where to start. I ended up just starting by learning a quick melody that I knew. At first I was able to play the melody, but very slowly. After a great deal of practice, I found that I was able to play the melody at the correct speed and quite a deal fast.

I moved on to more complex pieces that required a great deal more attention and were not simply played in one hand. I learned things ranging from the Cloud Atlas theme to "My Heart Will Go On." Learning to play piano was a lot of fun and something I still love to do.