Brief History

I was born in Vermont and have lived here all my life. I lived in Hinesburg, Vermont. A great deal of my family lives very close, so that we can all easily help on the family farm.

I went to Hinesburg Community School(HCS) for my Kindergarten through 8th grade years. I also joined Cub Scouts(visit the BSA page for more info). The school was didn't have all that many students. I enjoyed HCS most of the time, except for the homework.

For high school, I went to a school yet again in the same town Chaplain Valley Union High School(CVU). I really liked CVU and found that it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of course there that were easy and hard, giving it a good variety and managing to not be too boring.

Finally, I am currently attending Vermont Technical College(VTC). I live on campus in Randolph and have enjoyed the first semester so far.