Boy Scouts

I got involved in scouting as early as possible. It was suggested to me by my brother who was a part of it and my father who was a scout as a kid. I started with cub scouts.

In cub scouts, I was able to take part in a lot of activities ranging from visiting an airbase to competing in the pinewood derby. I went to every event that I could and attended every year of summer camp. I really enjoyed cub scouts and made it all the way through and graduated to boy scouts.

For me, boy scouts was a great deal different, but in a good way. In boy scouts it was much more up to me and my peers to determine what to do and how. I learned a lot of skills in boy scouts from how to make a shelter to how to lead. I attended every event except for two, one of which I missed because of studying for school and the other I missed because I was at a national scouting event. I eventually made it to the role of senior patrol leader in my troop(the highest position) and learned a great deal of leadership along the way.

Not long before I turned 18, I earned the rank of Eagle scout, the highest rank in scouting. This is probably one of the biggest accomplishments in my life and something that I'm very proud of. After I aged out, I became an assistant scout master and still love attending meetings. Scouting has been one of the biggest highlights of my life so far.

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