gas analyzer

Chemec GmbH BC30
serial number: A007-0114-001

measures amount of methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen sulphide in biogas

service number: ++49 521/2997-432
Monday - Thursday 08:00-17:00 CET, Friday 08:00-16:00 CET
Monday - Thursday 02:00-11:00 EST, Friday 02:00-10:00 EST

oxygen sensor
h2s sensor view a
h2s sensor view b
thermal conductivity sensor view a (CH4)
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server vtcsqlv12, <SQL AUTH> BC30user, BC30user. BC30_Data , E3DM v0.383
type this into relevent fields in E3DM as needed, such as after big lightning storms.
the BC30 gas analyzer is located on the wall behind the genset.