Java is an object-oriented programming language that uses two primary data types, primitive and object, in addition to various methods, loops, and statements within a given class to create working code that will do what is desired by the programmer.

The possibilities of the Java programming language, although within the boundaries of the programmer's knowledge of the language, are limitless, and this site was made to help new programmers to learn, and develop their own fundamental skills in Java.

This video will have told you to use the NetBeans IDE. There is absolutely nothing wrong with NetBeans, though I prefer the Eclipse IDE. He will tell you to open up a new project in order to code the basic program, "Hello Universe!", commonly also known as, "Hello World!". If you decide to use Eclipse as opposed to NetBeans, to open a New Project, simply click on "File", "New", "Java Project". This will open up the window to make a new project. Simply name the project what you want to, and click "Finish" at the bottom -- Don't change anything else. Next, hover your mouse over the project name on the left side of the Eclipse window, right click, "New", and select "Class". This should bring you to where he gets to in his tutorial.

The following video is taken from YouTube, the Author being Skyler Goodell, feel free to subscribe to his channel for for in depth Java Lessons.