Cadoux Fancy Bio

Cadoux Fancy


Cadoux Fancy is on process of dropping his first CD by the end of this year caled "The Hardest Pain" with the help of Musweki her first female artist and the Mic Criminals.

Cadoux Fancy born ( Cadoux G Dzingou) in a small town of the Congo Brazzaville in Central Africa. He grew up with a single mother and later joined his father in Gabon for the U.S in 2006. He lived in Long Beach California and moved to Burlington, VT where he found himself with music inspiration after starting to write about WARS and life in his hometown.

As he found his flow, he started pushing himself into the music industry. C.A.D.O.U.X stands for (Congolese Artist Do Obvious Unique Xenophobe) and the Fancy is believing in being special and make yourself feel good about what you doing that's where the name came from. Cadoux is the founded of the group Mic Criminals which is a local Hip Hop group from the Burlington area which involve almost 10 main memebers and many others fans for the area that are MCs (Mic Criminals) too. Cadoux Fancy's dream is thee become successfull in his music and also graduate college but his goal is to make the world a better place.