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 Soldier Reunion

The VTARNG Retirement Services Office provides information on benefits and entitlements to all VT National Guard Soldiers and Families preparing for retirement and to currently Retired Soldiers and Families from all branches of service. They also provide assistance on Annuity and Survivor Benefits for Survivors of Retired Military.

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Unit Family Readiness Groups (FRGs) foster a sense of belonging to the unit and community, and provide a vehicle for Families to develop friendships while they gain information about the unit and community. In addition, they provide information and referral, and offer venues to share support and assistance during deployments.

 Soldier Reunion

The support of the family members is a vital part of our soldiers success on, and off, the battlefield. Throughout training periods and deployments, the families of our soldiers also sacrifice much. The dedication and commitment to our Country far exceed the norm, and should be considered the true heros of the United States.

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