If you wish to have trees added to your property, Kiefer Brothers can help! We are not only knowledgable about tree planting and tree care, but can help you select the right tree and suggest placement. After a tree is selected, we do the rest! During planting, we select the best face and make sure the tree is properly set and level.

Kiefer Brothers guarantees trees for the first year so you can be the tree you receive is healthy and fully adjusts to its new home on your property!

Shrubs, Perrenials, etc.

Kiefer brothers can obtain most kinds of plants, grasses, and shrubs. Whether you know what you'd like or are looking for some suggestions, we can help you accent your property with plants that are aesthetic and fragrant. We can populate an existing bed or make a new bed for you, and have all the proper soils, composts, and mulches.

Flower Beds
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