Races of Mu.


Real life inspirations-Various African "iron cultures" and Mali.

Physical description-Two legged crocodiles that lean so far forward that their long muscular tail serves as a counter balance to their enormous head. they are usually around eight to ten feet in length, and weigh around three hundred pounds. The closest likeness in real life is the prehistoric land crocodile Pristicampus. They do not typically ware clothing, though village chiefs adorn themselves with a lion pelt cape and feathered head dress during ceremonies, and their griots ware cape woven from grass. When they walk they move in a side to side motion like a snake.

disposition-A productive people, the Mumba are often called the dwarves of Mu, not because they are small, but because they are masters of forging Metal, carving stone, crafting jewelry and just plain working hard. They are also shrewd entrepreneur, as their surprisingly unaggressive nature allows them to form long lasting trade relationships. Despite being carnivores, their strict hospitality rules dictate that they care for strangers in need without eating them the next morning, and they do their utmost to repay kindness with an equal amount of kindness. By growing livestock, they ensure they don't need to go to war with other intelligent beings to eat. That said, they do have an enmity with humans, do to a long history of conflict with them. Furthermore they look down at hunter/gather societies.

Society-Tombukto, the Volcano city, is considered the center of Mumba civilization, for it is where much of their trade is conducted, and where the thrown of crocodile king is housed. Bordering the volcano city, are semi-autonomous chiefdoms that pay tribute to the king in the form of livestock and iron bars. The chiefs running the chiefdoms, inherit their position, on the condition they learn one of the three skills of fire, which includes smithing, glass blowing, and smoking meats (BBQing). Chiefs also inherit a griot to assist them.

religion- The Mumba worship their ancestors, and the various sprits of nature. The three most in important spirits are father fire, mother earth, and Nyama. The Nyama spirit is supposedly the offspring of father fire and mother earth, and is what makes people constructive, kind and civilized. "Civilized people" like elves, Naga, and of course Mumba are considered Nyama races. Nomadic "savages" like harpy, lizard people, and humans are considered "non-nyama"

In battle-Though not as aggressive as most carnivores the Mumba are capable fighters. Armed with the finest steal weapons, adorned in the hardest steal armor, and riding powerful dinosaur mounts these crocodiles can wreck havoc amongst enemy armies. Their use of "fire magic" makes them more formidable still. The Mumba need to be formidable, for Non-nyama races attack constantly, and as the climate gets cooler the incursions have only been getting worse.