Airport Diagram


Burlington Airport

What Charts You Need?

VFR Sectional
Visual flight rules chart or better know as a VFR sectional shows you the were towns are located on a map and shows you the bodies of water. Also shows you the height of obstacle from towers to buildings. You use a VFR sectional only when you use Visual Flight Rules.

IFR stands for Insturment Flights Rules and when you go through your insturment training you use low inroute charts. A low inroute chart is a chart that shows you compass directions. So basicclly it is a that map show the road ways in the sky.

AFD stands for Airport Facility Directory. AFD's are used when you are planing a cross country, they tell you what the airport of attended flight has at that airport. Also tells you the radio ferquenncies and how long the runways are. They also give you the phone number of the airport so that you can have arrangements made before you get there.

Come Fly
3060 Williston Road, Unit 10
South Burlington, VT 05403