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Week of December 14, 2014

Forest III:

Currently organizing meeting times and programs. We have at this point one artist, one programmer, two writers, and three musicians. As far as game concepts go, it has so far been determined that there will be a playable character of each race, Earth-Pony, Unicorn, and Pegasus, and that each will have a separate starting place and path through the forest. They will likely meet up some time later in the story, but the details are still fuzzy on that part. The style will be an RPG: Definition and Explanation

A quick description of the main characters, as decided by Terein:

Nym: Yellow pegasus with green mane. Is daughter of the governors of cloudsdale. has a brother that she vaguely remembers. She fell from cloudsdale as a filly and hurt her wing. She can still fly, but not as far as a normal pegasus. Possible ends include everything being a dream, marrying one of the townsfolk and remaining in the forest forever, returning to cloudsdale, or learning to fly and leaving equestria.

Hazel: Brown earth pony with yellow mane. Is actually a changeling (but doesn't always discover it before the game ends and continues to live life as an earth pony). Questions what happened to the original Hazel before she replaced her. Possible ends include getting lost in the underground labyrinth, becoming a tree, finding the heart of the forest and either controlling the forest or destroying it, or suicide.

Winter: White unicorn with blue mane. Through the course of the game he never finds out much about his past.His shadow was detached and roams the forest. Possible ends include getting adopted by the sign painter, destroying the forest, dying while protecting friends, or becoming insane.

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