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TJ Beaumier:

Born February 1998, currently attending Vermont Technical College. Looking to study Aerospace engineering, but a strong background in computer software. Familiar with a multitude of different programming languages, and proficient in Java. Enjoys writing, cooking, and art when planetary alignment is correct. Has done some professional game development with a small indie company.

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Kyle Smith:

A young but experienced musician. A frequent internet user and contributor by way of his music. Would not call himself an artist, but is familiar with Photoshop and capable of producing concept art. Not great at drawing, but enjoys photo manipulation and editing. Took a digital arts class for a year, and can use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash to produce basic animations.

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Agents of Discord:

The CEO of Mane Studios, a musician and Producer of 12 years experience. Has active contact with some the biggest animators, VA's, and Composers in the community, as well as other great artists.


A lover of all types of art, including Visual, Musical, and Literature. Lives in the mountains and loves being outside, but not terribly active. Loves well made game, particularly when there is more to the game then gameplay and plot, and it had a more psychological aspect. A college student as of the 2014-2015 school year. New to game development, but open to suggestions, and if "I'm doing something wrong you should tell me and hit me over the head with a book or something." Focused and professional when it comes to work, but cheerful, happy, and a bit hyper when work is over.


A composer and musician who loves making music. Highly experienced, having made music for various projects including a video game. Other then music, they love Hockey, Sports, Paint-ball, Camping, and outdoor expeditions in the wild, as well as ponies of course.


Born in 1999, he has been making music for under half a year, but has been very active since his start in July 2014. Spends a lot of time on the internet, interactive with the community, although his inability to save any music projects dampens his contributions. Tends to remain calm and relaxed during work, to "let creative juices flow and all that stuff."


A writer, that's about all I've got right now...

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