Tee Fitz's Hobbies

Basketball was a huge part of my life ever since I was in third grade. Playing for BYSA, the schools I attended, mini metro, and AAU had changed my life. Getting to stay active all year round, meet new friends from all over New England, and getting to prove my team was one of the best teams. My team, our parents, and myself would travel all over New England and play in multiple tournaments. Overall, we would usually end up taking first or second place. Basketball was a sport that made me feel alive. There was so much exercise, adrenaline, and excitement.

Photography was something I've always enjoyed doing, mostly because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Drawing was one of my father's best talents. He is quite humble about most of his beautiful drawings, but everyone else in the room staring at the picture would say otherwise. A huge reason I picked up drawing was because I wanted to be just like my dad and draw. I wasn't as great as him, but I sure did try.

Camping each and every summer since I was born has been a tradition of the Fitzgerald's for as long as I can remember. Even before I was born it was a tradition. I look forward to camping with my parents and sister every summer because it gives me time to escape from reality. Our camp is located in Groton, Vermont, and there is no cell reception. Being able to sun tan, swim, go for a run, chit chat with my friends and family, eat marshmallows by a cozy fire, and do practically anything I want is a nice perk.

As recent as this last summer, my parents and sister decided my graduation present would be to help me knock off one of my bucket list points: ZIP LINING. Zip lining was so adventurous, adrenaline filled, and awesome. I ended up taking my sister, mom, dad, and friend Connor.

Additional hobbies I enjoy are rock collecting, hiking, fishing, and swimming.