Champ (Vermont Monster of Lake Champlain)

shores told tales of an unknown beast which they saw in the lake. A woman fishing near Rouse's Point in August of 1939 said she had the "fright of her life" when a large creature rose from the water near her boat. But it was the July, 1977, sighting of Champ by Sandra Mansi that was so remarkable. Although the circumstances were not that different from all of the other Champ reports, the difference was that Sandra Mansi had a camera and was able to snap a picture of the creature before it disappeared beneath the water. There are, of course, many persons who do not believe that there is a Lake Champlain sea monster. They say that the people who reported sighting Champ actually were seeing floating logs, schools of large sturgeons diving in a row, or mocks of black birds flying close to the water. Others suggested that monster viewers had just had too much to drink. Despite the uncertainty of whether or not whatever it is exists, the Vermont House of Representatives passed a resolution in April of 1982 which states that Champ should be protected from wilful acts resulting in death, injury, or harassment. In June of that same year the New York Senate passed similar legislation.