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  • Our business is about helping people with mental illness, substance abuse and a technique call reiki. Mari believes in dual diagnosis approach in therapy. This means that substance abuse and mental illness are Intertwined with each other in some ways. She believes that on can affect the other. Our company has through training in many different fields of mental illness. Our company is staff with more down to earth people who experienced some of the problems our clients are going through. The staff is well trained on a variety with different disorders. Mental illness is a disease often pick up on by other people around them. Depression is the hardest to pick up on. Substance abuse is some times the after effect of depression. The same is true with substance abuse; by having the habit of substance abuse can cause a person to be depressed and not be able to have a normal life because it controls them in a sense. People with substance abuse whole life revolves around getting their next fix. We are here to help. We really care about giving you the help you need to go on living a normal healthily life again. We offer many support groups with people going through the same problems who can share the experience with you. We can even help you with the toughest cases. Our company also offers reiki that is an alternative healing to our western cultures for burns and many other elements of the body that needs healing. Check out all our programs we offer.