Mari's Wellness Center

Mari's Wellness Center

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  • Feel free to contact us about any problems you might have. We are here for you to help you with all you emotional problems.We will help you get through it.Short term and long term help is available.Don't hesitate to call us. If you need help you can reach Mari at home at 802-565-8224 or on her cell phone at 802-345-4648. Mari has a maters in Clinical Mental Health and also Master in Substance abuse.Mari has two years experiance in the fields of substance abuse and Clinical Mental Health.Mari also has had a lot of extensive training in DBT therapy and many other types of theraphy. Mari runs theraphy in groups and also individual counselling. She will be starting up a relatively new type of theraphy called Art Theraphy.We will be there for you when you us

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    This is a video that explains what to expect in being treated in art theraphyArt Theraphy