A real life role playing game full of wonder and enchantment. Those who seek to enhance their imaginations come forward and get to know the world of the Battle-On Dragons!!

There is only one rule for this game, and that is to not hurt yourselves or others playing around you. This game is based on how strong your imagination can be, so it's time to turn your eyes off and to open your mind.

How To Play:

This game has two sides, evil vs good, and to each side a ruler. A queen with her four protectors of good vs a king with his four protectors of evil. There are seven lands each one a dragon belongs too: including the Queen of light and the King of dark. The object of the game is simple, protect your land and ruler. The game is made up of 8 characters to be played, and the queen and king don't count. If more people join in the game then more players can be made up, but if the team is starting out with eight or less then these 8 characters should be chosen from. This game is not like the typical game of a bunch of rules, and certain ways to play. The beginning is simple, it is a bright and sunny day, and everyone is having a good time. Then all of a sudden darkness spreads across the lands and the king tries to take over. The queen calls forth her protectors as so does the king, and she tells them to protect the lands while the king tells them to go forth and spread fear. From this point on You decide what comes next...


Playing this game is a fun adventure that is also great for building up skills in fitness and teamwork. Hint: the game will not work if you or your friends can not agree on the storyline. There has to be some agreement or a compromise. Your character is a human that can morph into a dragon. To transform: Everyone has to start out with spinning in a circle then lifting their hands trying to grasp the sky and close their eyes. Once you pull your hands down you turn into a dragon.

List of characters:

Light Queen

Elements Name: If your a boy Name: If your a girl
Water Aqua Aquafina
Lightning Bolt Bolterina
Fire Flamiyon Flame
Healing Crys Crystal

Dark King

Elements Name: If your a boy Name: If your a girl
Wind Tornade Tornada
Ice Frost Frosty
Earth Rox Roxy
Earth Grasty Grasstina