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The "Unwanted Horse"

This week I would like to draw attention to a growing problem we have in New England and America as a whole. The "Unwanted Horse" maybe they are old, maybe they are injured past the point of recovery but that doesn't mean they don't have a place in our society. Before you go out and buy a new horse, especially have one bred for you. Go out and look at some of the truly great horses there are in the auction blocks. These horses if not for the rescue organizations that take them, would go to slaughter. So try out a rescue before you go ahead and potentially add to the unwanted horse population.

Here is a link you can follow to Camelot Horse Auction Or research one in your area!

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To Blanket or not to Blanket?

A million dollar question for a lot of horse lovers. If you live in Vermont like We do here at Equine Partnerships you may look outside on those cold winter days and feel bad for your horse who is standing outside in 20 degree weather while you are inside enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. The reality is there is no right or wrong, Just like any controversy you will have the people who say "Horses in the wild don't get blanketed and they survive." you will also hear this "We as humans who domesticated and care for horses who no longer can care for themselves have a responsibility to keep them safe and healthy." Both sides are correct for different reasons. If you show you know how important a sheet or a sleezy can be to keeping your horses coat clean and just the way you left it. If you live where it can get to 30 degrees below freezing you know how important it is to have those heavyweights laying around for your 30 year old horse who doesn't grow a coat like he used to. Its up to you to evaluate your personal situation and decide what type of blanketing if at all is right for you and your horse of course!

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