About Us

Here at Equine Partnerships LLC. We strive to find you the perfect equine partner, whether it be professional or just a "best friend" we can help you on the journey to your perfect horse. Because no person is alike and no horse is alike. We use many different techniques and exercises to find out what type of human you are and what type of horse you need.

We also take in horses that need to find a new home and we will help you to find that perfect home for your horse without the hassle and extra time it takes. We set up unique online sale adds for your horse to attract just the right buyers. We will help your horse get back into shape, or help them sharpen their skills before we sell. We will even groom, ride, and show your horse for prospective buyers once you and your horse are ready. We have the network, connections, and skills to sell your horse for your asking price in a much shorter period of time then it would take you on your own. We like you want the BEST home for your horse!

Rebekah Ovitt

Has been riding her whole life, grew up around horses and always has had horses in her family and ponies and later horses of her own. Knowing that she wanted a career in the equine industry Rebekah studied and graduated Vermont Technical Colleges Equine Studies Bachelors program. She is a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, also having taken courses in Reproduction and Equine Therapies she is the knowledge behind our team. Having travelled to work on a ranch in Douglas Wyoming she knows just how widespread the need for her skills are and that what we do here at Equine Partnerships is so important to the horse community as a whole.

Ursula Ovitt

The brain child behind Equine Partnerships, it started out as Ursula helping her friends and neighbours sell their horses or helping them find the perfect horse. No matter if they had the knowledge or not she helped in many different ways, every success told her that she had a knack for it. Her daughter Rebekah finally gave her the push and backing to start Equine Partnerships, but we all still rely on Ursula's horsey intuition at the end of the day. More than 40 years in the Industry and equine knowledge that she passes on to her daughter and any who study under her; thru 4H, Quarter Horse breeding and selling, Training, Managing Barns, and horse judging (her newest endeavour). Ursula will find you the perfect Equine Partner!

Send e-mail to rebekah.ovitt.vt@gmail.com: