Privacy Policy

the basics

  • Personal information will be available only to the users’ DSO to verify faculty/staff usage

  • ASD Project will not use aggregate personal information for any purpose, marketing or educational

  • ASD Project may use statistics on usage and voluntary demographic info in reports and studies

  • Cookies are used only to gather usage statistics in non-database environments.

  • Disabling cookies maintains anonymity of user, but prevents your DSO from verifying usage.

the details

The ASD Project is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information itreceives from users in its various online training programs. The following statements outline our use of your personal information and other usage tracking methods employed by our products.

personal information

Everyone must choose a unique username and password at the time of registration. Allother personal information (i.e. name and e-mail address) is optional. However, if you are participating for credit, or at the request of your institution’s Disability Service Office (DSO), you need to provide enough personal information that your DSO can confirm that you have participated.

Your name and e-mail address will only be available to your DSO and will not be usedby the ASD Project in any way. The ASD Project reserves the right to use voluntarydemographic information you submit in reports on usage and to ensure that the curriculum is reaching a wide and diverse audience. Such reports will maintain the anonymity of all users.


Cookies are an often-misunderstood technology used by nearly every major Website and application. The ASD Project uses cookies to assist users in logging in and to keeptrack of usage information when its online training is deployed in a non-database environment. Information stored in the cookie can only be retrieved by your institution and is only used to verify completion of the training.

Third-party cookies are never used, and personal information stored in the cookiewill not be sold or given to any other organization or company for any reason. Asstated above, the ASD Project reserves the right to utilize aggregate usage data informal reports and in-house review of our products. All such data will preserve the anonymity of the end-user.

You may participate in the training with cookies turned off. However, under such conditions, we cannot track your progress in the training, and no information will be returned to your DSO to verify completion.