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Name:   Sarge to you!
Info I posses superior combat skills and know-how on the battlefield. I will stop at no cost to overcome these blue dirtbags. And if I can't overcome them, I'll make sure Grif dies in the attempt.
  • Calling Dr. Sarge M.D. Diagnosis: death. Prescription: SHOTGUN!
  • Simmons, I want you to poison Grif's next meal.
  •     Sarge- Hey simmons, whats the name of that mexican lizard, eats all the goats?
        Simmons- Uhh, I believe you are thinking of the chupacabra sir.
        Sarge- Hey grif...chupathingy...i like it, it has a ring to it.
Favorite Games: GRIFBALL!
Likes to play: Xbox 360