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Participants of the VTC "Game Nights", can come here and connect with other campus gamers. Here you can log in and create your own user profile that will allow you to enter some information about yourself that other players will be able to view.

Now of course we're all piqued to know whether you enjoy a long walk on the beach, but when you get right down to it, we all want to know what sorts of games we're all playing so that we can join forces or get into some competitive modes without having to listen to a ten year old screaming into a headset. Maybe this won't keep us up to date with what is happening at this moment in your life, but we don't want to hear it anyway. Keep that on Facebook.

On top of all this, there is a forum page here that you can use for game discussion, and another to discuss and suggest events for the club itself. Along with the page for game discussion, there is also one that will provide links for sites that can assist you with some of the deeper and more difficult games. Suggestions for the site itself are also welcome as long as it's constructive so please feel free to give feedback.