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This is the home page for CIS-5710 course notes for the Fall 2017 semester. Here you will find class handouts, slides used during the lectures, homework assignments, and links to other references of interest. This course is being team taught by Peter Chapin and Carl Brandon.





  1. 2017-01-24: Read the Mars Code article. We will discuss it next week.
  2. 2017-01-26: Install STK. Send machine information to Carl to get a license. Start learning MATLAB's scripting language.
  3. 2017-01-31: Read the Toward Extraplanetary Under Ice Exploration paper for a discussion next week.
  4. 2017-02-02: Try constructing an STK scenario or two that exercises the features described in the lecture.
  5. 2017-02-07: Read the CCSDS Space Packet Protocol specificiation.
  6. 2017-02-09: Continue experimenting with STK.
  7. 2017-02-14: Read the CCSDS Time Code Formats specification.
  8. 2017-02-16: Continue experimenting with STK.
  9. 2017-02-28: Review the RelaxNG tutorial.
  10. 2017-03-02: ...
  11. 2017-03-07: ...
  12. 2017-03-09: ...
  13. 2017-03-14: Consider actually implementing the publish/subscribe server for CubedOS. Read paper #1 and paper #2 for next Tuesday.
  14. 2017-03-16: Review the link budget example.
  15. 2017-03-21: ...
  16. 2017-03-23: ...
  17. Homeworks below are subject to change


The following are links to relevant resources for this class.

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