CIS-3030 (Programming Languages) Home Page

This is the home page for Peter Chapin's CIS-3030 course notes for the Fall 2016 semester. Here you will find slides, homework assignments, program samples, and links to other references of interest.

Adobe Connect

All live lectures will be accessed from the same URL.

The list below are approximate lecture-by-lecture topics for this course. The topics with links to Adobe Connect lectures are for this (Fall 2016) edition of the course. The topics without links are approximate and subject to change.



  1. Homework #01 (Due: 2016-08-31) Hello, Scala!
  2. Homework #02 (Due: 2016-09-06) Lists and Tail Recursion
  3. Homework #03 (Due: 2016-09-13) Recursion Practice
  4. Homework #04 (Due: 2016-09-21) Intervals
  5. Homework #05 (Due: 2016-09-27) Case Classes
  6. Homework #06 (Due: 2016-10-04) Higher Order Workhorses
  7. Homework #08 (Due: 2016-10-26) Functional Programming
  8. Homework #10 (Due: 2016-11-11) Type Classes
  9. Homeworks below are subject to change


The archive contains a ScalaIDE workspace with a sandbox project and a skeletal Homework #1 project pre-configured. Unpack the archive somewhere on your system and direct the ScalaIDE to use it as a workspace. You may have to refresh the projects after the workspace loads. I will provide additional (or updated) samples below that you can include in your version of the samples workspace.



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