Welcome to Deonne Myrick Yoga, here you will be able to find class schedules, prices, forms and contact info.

I am a runner, passionate telemark skier, wife and mother of four children. Yoga brings joy to my life through
regular asana practice but more importantly it gives me the opportunity to be more present in my daily life.

I took my first yoga class to fulfill a PE credit as a student at UVM 25 years ago and I have been practicing yoga
ever since. Yoga has sustained me through four pregnancies, the demands of motherhood, and the recovery of
knee reconstuction. It has helped me to learn to listen to my body and mind and find balance amidst the chaos
of life.

I am a graduate of UVM Yoga School under John McConnell. I am registered and insured through Yoga Alliance.
I teach an alignment based Vinyasa Yoga that focuses on using your breath with movement. My goal is to help
my students find joy in their practice and connect to their inner goodness. My classes will help stretch,
strengthen and rejuvenate both body and mind. I work hard to make my classes accessible to all levels of students by offering modifications and options to meet
my students where they are at. Teaching yoga and seeing my students smiles brings so much joy to my life!