Mimi's bookmarks is a small independent company that creates handmade watercolor print bookmarks. Each bookmark is the copy of a handpainted original watercolor done by Mimi. Mimi laminates and handcuts each individual bookmark that you buy. She makes a wide variety of bookmarks depicting scenes of Vermont life throughout every season.

A large part of Mimi's business is also painting custom designed bookmarks for businesses, and private events. Mimi has done bookmarks for Inns, Non-profits, conferences, fund raisers, libraries, bookstores, weddings, etc...

Mimi's bookmarks make great stocking stuffers, wonderful wedding decorations, beautiful souvenirs, business cards, birth announcements, change of address reminders, and the practical holder of pages.

Mimi has done bookmarks for almost everything so don't hesitate to contact her with your idea for an order, or to order already existing images for your business.