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Sonic Vortex is a guild that was originally created on Neopets in the mid 2000s. This guild included polls, a Chao mascot, and a series of stories mostly focused with Sonic characters. Sadly, the group slowly devided, mainly moving to Deviantart, and it's not really certain how it's holding today. Considering the growth of censorship in Neopets, if Sonic Vortex is still highly active, it exists in a different site. Just take note that there is a band of the same name during your search.

Vortex the Hedgehog

The leader and founder of the group. Vortex moves faster when he's happy and enters a demon form with enough anger. as a person, Jason wasn't completely active, but he was still able to manage the guild. He decided to have a Chao mascot and allowed the group to decide the name. As a character, his parents were killed and he was raised by the next character on this list.

Striker the Echidna

Vinnie and Striker are the best friends of Jason and Vortex. For the most part, Striker is a variation of Hyper Knuckles. He was the least active member of Sonic Vortex, so information about him is pretty thin.

Thorn Quills

As a person, Katie was the more active member, both in the guild and in Deviantart. Her main interests include cats and vampires. As Sonic Vortex began to separate, she started working with another group for a series known as Yorushiku, which includes a human variation of her recolors. As a character, Thornessa Quills is the childhood friend of Vortex who raised him. Her father is the demon of Mobius, Accupuncture Quills, and she serves the father of her boyfriend Vector, Jaw Wani.

Princess Fianna the Fox

Along side princess Crystal the Fox and Alyssa the Hybrid, Fianna is suppose to be the youngest and more friendly member of the group. To be more specific, she is an Angel Arctic Fox, specializing in Ice and Holy magic and weak in their opposites. Crystal is similar in powers and Alyssa specializes in wind magic.

Firion Yuki, Leon Dimonai, and Destroyer

Pop Quiz, what do you get when you take a Sega original, illegitimate fan recolors, and an unstable supposedly god of gods who takes the form of a recolor? You get Team Shadow. The person himself was the storyteller of the group. Firion Yuki and Leon Dimonai are twins and pretty much the transformations from Shadow the Hedgehog without the excesive shine, mastery over Ice/Fire, Angel/Demon forms, and powers from other worlds. These names are actually from the lost Yorushiku spoof, Weapon Chronicles, with Hero/Dark Shadow being their alias. The joke behind their names is that Yuki is Japanese for snow and Dimonai sounds like Demon Eye.
Destoryer is an odd case. In Sonic Vortex with his black armor, his power makes him seem like a god among gods, and with his habits of destroying worlds, using an attack that kills people as though they were killed when they were dead, and creating a world where those who enter the second level of death experience the greatest pain they felt for eturnity, unless they miraculously scale a mountain in that world where an artifact that can bring them to life awaits, he was sealed. to be free, a sacrifice must be made, and he'll then be free for a month, unless he catches eye with the offered person, making him lose control as he brings them back to life and forms a pact that will make him serve the sacrifice while his powers are greatly reduced. His stronger transformations include gold armor, angel-like wings, then shining. He has a twin brother named Dark Destroyer, who look the same until powered up, where it's small dark aura, dead wings, and greater dark aura. Over time when he made a pact, he started taking a human, then a hedgehog form, for fun, going by the name Michael, ironically because Destroyer sounded to cliche. The prolonged use of this form ended up making him even weaker and difficult to maintain his true form. In Weapon Chronicles, Destoryer was a fake name and the armor form is actually taking the image of his creater, Ultima Weapon, and illigal experiment and greatest creation and mistake by Ultima Corp when they were trying to create a weapon god far superior to what the weapon spirits could become. The Manipulative Incarnate Critical Heartless Atomic Eturnal Last is an inconsistent character in both, shifting from random, to serious, and in Weapon Chronicals, a deciever, constantly changing the story of his past to lead Thorn astray, yet regretting it over time. The funny thing is that in Sonic Vortex, Michael/Destroyer/Ultima Weapon is teamed up by a Metalmamemon from Digimon named Slash and in Weapon Chronicles, his companion is a sword spirit named Blade. No images could be found, but the Weapon Child mainly looked like a blue shadow with blonde quills and a black trench coat.

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