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Now that we have knowledge of Sonic's history and what a recolor might look like, it's time to show you what some look like. this will help you if you plan to make one yourself. I will be trying to provide an image, keep note that some of these characters are old, and thus, might no longer exist physically.

Angel The Hedgehog: As a person, Stacie is known for her works in Deviantart and setting up alternate backgrounds and music during an older time on Neopets. As a character, Angelic "Angel" Slayer shares similarities with Shadow, being a project of an ultimate lifeform of a sort. Unlike Shadow though, she goes to a school, which becomes difficult for her from her lack of friends. Sadly, he Deviantart account has been perminately banned, so locating information will be difficult. most of it will be found by artwork from fans and friends. Just take note that Angel has been a pretty common name for recolors.

Britney the Hedgehog: this one is a bit of an interesting case. for the most part, she keeps the designs pretty simple, yet the structure of the character does a decent modified recolor. this one is also difficult when it comes to gathering information. She actually went through a couple of different Deviantart accounts which end up being banned or removed, due to having a bit of a hard time with some people she know.

Slash the Hedgehog: Known as Project 0 by Cypher corporation in Aeon70's fan fiction, this character actually combines traits of not just the Sonic series, but the Megaman series. One thing I find interesting thing is that he was made through DNA of a cierian hedgehog named Blade, and I will explain why later.

Ultima the Hedgehog: The 8th and final sin by Amaya-Jade-Summers, Ultima was made by Garet Schluter and took a personality similar to Valocity, a relaxed form of Syrah. Not only does the fact he's the final sin makes promise for his power, but he shares the name of the most powerful spell in the Final Fantasy series. It's debatable whether or not it's good to allow a Sonic recolor to have tie ins with other references, depending if you plan to make a fan fiction that is consistent with Sonic canon.

Now that you have an idea of individual recolors, it is time to pay Tribute to Sonic Vortex.