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What is a Recolor?

Recolors come in different shapes and sizes. The creation is not just limited to fans, as developers often make recolors of generic enemies and sometimes actual characters as well. Mario has Luigi, sometimes being called Green Mario by Bowser and even looking more like a Green Mario in the early games, and Sonic has Shadow, often being mistaken for Sonic in Sonic Adventure 2. The concept of recolors has left fans into making their own characters, resulting in making their own adventures, joining the original inspiration in one, or acting as an Avatar in various sites like Deviantart or Youtube. Sonic is a series in which fans making recolors have been done to death. Remember to check the Exmples section to get a better detail on specific examples made by fans when you're done here.

Recolor Variations

color swap: This is the most common and simplest form of recolors and a style that is a cliche in the gaming industry. Occationally, there are some modifications to the design, but for the most part, it would be hard to tell the differences. Random enemies with different colors usually mean the others are stronger or have a different fighting tactic. The same rules apply for color swap recolors made by fans, only these are often based on main characters.

Accessorized: This one is a little more rare among recolors. Accessorized recolors normally include a generic character with some distinguishable item. This can be anything from an added or different weapon to a different or extension to uniform. The Sonic games doesn't really use this recolor, although it's debatable whether or not Amy can count as a Sonic recolor, being a hedgehog like him, only wearing a dress. This is inadequet on its own, but she can also be counted for the last type of recolors, the modified versions.

Modified: This is perhaps the most variable type of recolor. Some modified recolors will include a combination of characters, such as taking the arms of one character, the head of another, and the body of a third one. There are also standard characters with more noticable change in design. Shadow is a good original example, taking Sonics design and changing the quill pattern and adding fur on his stomache. In the Sonic fanbase, modified recolors can result in changing the original species, adding a bit of creativity to the design.