Harwood's Guides: Warhammer 40,000

A gentle shove in the right direction.

The Necrons

The Necrons are ancient, totally freakin' badass space robots. And they've got big guns.

A little bit of history...

Before the Necrons, there were the Necrontyr. The Necrontyr were a race back in the time of the Old Ones, so they were pretty old school. The basic idea of the Necrontyr is that they were a physically weak race that somehow managed to actually construct a rather large empire...they kinda left that one out of the codex. Anywho, they made a name for themselves. Eventually, the king (a pretty bad dude by the name of Szarekh) decided that the different Necrontyr dynasties needed unification. His solution? Go to war! Nothing brings people together like smashing in a common enemy's head. In any case, he managed to actually unify his empire by declaring war on the Old Ones...which really wasn't a good idea. They're called Old Ones for a reason, they know a few things about staying alive.

So the Necrontyr waged war on the Old Ones, and that didn't go so well. The Old Ones had a pretty sweet webway system (as described on the Eldar page) which allowed them to really just beat the Necrontyr's collective ass into the ground. Once they had basically crippled the race, the Old Ones left them alone, but really that wasn't such a good idea. It was around this time that the Necrontyr got paid a visit by the C'tan. This is where things got interesting.

Nobody wants to take the blame for getting the C'tan involved, so the lore behind how the C'tan came is supposedly kept under pretty heavy wraps. What really happened is the Necrontyr's hatred was the milkshake that brought all the C'tan to the yard. That by itself already speaks for the C'tan. In any case, this guy known as The Deceiver (not to the Necrontyr!) rolled up to Szarekh, and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. He basically offered to 'help' in the fight against the Old Ones, promising them immortality and big guns. I mean, who wouldn't want that? So they seal the deal. That's when the robotification started. They didn't really explain how the heck this worked, but the idea was they managed to put the Necrontyr's essence(s) into sweet robot bodies. And gave them guns. This was all fine and dandy, they went from cool guys to super robot mega-badasses, but they slipped, tripped, and lost their souls along the way. In their quest for power...they got powerful.

With their newfound rape train, the newly made NECRONS stomped the Old Ones into the ground. It also helped that the C'tan also helped, and though the Necrons didn't know it, they were MOTHERF*CKING STAR GODS. They also were getting more and more powerful, since they fed off the souls of the Necrontyr, and all of the folks they turned to dust. In any case, the Old Ones were no more, they just kicked the crap out of them. When they had gotten back, though, the Necron's main man Szarekh had a plan.

You see, Szarekh didn't really like he had forfeited his entire race's souls. It, uh, weighed heavy on his...cold, metal chest. Since his people were all ROBOTS, he could just tell them what he wanted them to do, and when they got back from nuking the Old Ones, he decided that the C'tan had to go. Just before they cracked the bubbly, he up and brobliterated all of the C'tan. Fortunately, despite the fact that they were gods, they were the ones that had given the Necrons their guns, so it didn't really work out so well for the C'tan. They ended up shattering into a million billion shards. After that, Szarekh decided that they had had enough fun for one empire, and sent all of his robot pals, and himself into stasis for a while. He did mention to them that they needed to go out and kill anyone who had taken their stuff when they woke up, but he figured that wouldn't be for a while.

Now, the Necrons are waking up, and seeing what their empire of old has turned into. They are far from happy...

In reality...

Especially in 6th Edition (current edition, as of 2012/13), the Necrons are pretty freakin' powerful. They have a pretty recent codex, which means they got a whole boatload more units, which is nice, including several vehicles. Among these are some really, really cool flyers, including the Night Scythe which is probably the best transport in the game right now. Because they play pretty easily, and are generally tough, they are a pretty good army for someone just getting into the game. They don't have a lot of tricks, and most of them are just 'gun'. One thing to remember as well is that because all Necron Warriors (basic troops) have gauss weapons, they will always glance any vehicle on a roll of a 6. This means that it doesn't matter how powerful your tank is, they can take it down in one barrage provided they roll well enough. Pretty silly. Overall, they are a great army to play, and look great on the field.