Global Situation

Situation in the Gulf Of Aden.

Gulf of Aden with somalia marked.

Since The somali civil war in 1991 the country has been in chaos. The central government is in a constant struggle to maintain its control over the country. With the rule of law balanced on the edge of a knife to make matters worse in the last 2 years has had terrible rainy seasons leading to one of the worst droughts in thier history. This has lead a pirate faction to rise from the chaos. The pirates claim that they are countries coast guard malitia defending thier homelands waters from forigners dumping poulutants into thier waters and destroying thier fishing grounds. This is of course merely a cover. They use these excuses to cover thier blatant piracy, and in recent days have been more bold and dropped the charade altogether. if you would like to read more visit for more information.