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Spring semester, 2006

The nitty-gritty stuff -- Research reminders

Publication timeline

Recognizing that information is published according to a media timeline can be an important factor in research.  Newly discovered information won't be in printed book format or scholarly/professional  journals for quite a while.

The day of an event = information is found on the radio, television, Internet ;

The immediate days after = information is found on the radio, television, Internet, and in newspapers (begin to use article databases) ;

The immediate weeks after = information is found on radio, television, Internet, in newspapers, and in weekly magazines (update citations from article databases) ;

The months after = add trade magazines and scholarly journals to the list of information sources (citations from article databases can be limited to peer-reviewed/refereed publications) ;

A year and beyond after = in-depth analysis in scholarly journals, books, and conference proceedings are appearing (citations in library catalogs can be added to the article listings)

Article database and library catalog Keyword search tips:

Boolean operators:

AND insists that all search terms/phrases be included in all items in the results list

OR allows for any of the search terms/phrases to be included in all items in the results list

NOT excludes proscribed search terms/phrases from the items in the results list

for example:

environment AND human = all items will have both terms (narrow scope)

environment OR human = all items with either terms (broad scope)

environment NOT human = all items exclude the term human (exclusive)


the database will search for words beginning with a string of letters and ending with the database's truncation symbol

library catalog example: environ$ AND human$ =  all items will have terms beginning with the string of letters: environ and human ... environ, environment, environmental, environmentalist, etc. ... human, humans, humane, humanist, etc.

article database example: environ* AND human* = ditto above

Notice the different truncation symbols!  Use the article databases Search Tips / Help to identify truncation symbols

one more library catalog example: opposing viewpoints and environment$


combine groupings of search terms/phrases

for example:

(vermont or vt) AND (environ$ or earth)

Use the Hartness Library web site to locate books, videos, periodical articles, and reviewed subject web sites!

Books & more will lead you to books, videos, and audio-books located within the VSC and  beyond.  Try out the e-book collections.

Articles will lead you the citations to, abstracts of, and the full text of articles in periodical databases.  Choose the databases to search wisely, grasshopper.

offers access to several online reference tools (Encyclopedia Britannica, dictionaries, etc.).

Websites leads you to Internet subject guides (constructed by people who evaluate the websites) and Internet search engines (constructed electronically with no evaluation).

The fun stuff -- Thought provoking, idea generating web sites

NPR's Living on earth program provides good journalism, transcripts, audio, related links, and good ideas.

AAAS atlas of population & environment provides a scholarly and thought provoking look how humans impact the environment.

ActionBioScience.org provides world perspective.

Znet always provides thought provoking articles and ideas.

National renewable energy laboratory (NREL) is an excellent source for information from the US government.

Renewable energy policy project another excellent source of current issues and developments.

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