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A Day to Remember is an American metal band from Ocala, Florida. Founded in 2003 by former guitarist Tom Denny and former drummer Bobby Scruggs, the band has released four studio albums, an has toured extensively around the world. They are well known for their unusual combination of metalcore and pop punk musical style.

"Mark my words, we're taking over the world" - Shot In The Dark, off of For Those Who Have Heart

Jeremy McKinnon - Lead Vocals
Jeremy, along with Neil and Josh are the 3 original band members still in the band. Providing powerful vocals from the start, Jeremy McKinnon is a the iconic face of A Day To Remember
Josh Woodward - Bass Guitar
Another original member since 2003, Josh has played through good and bad, even playing a few stops on the Vans Warped Tour with a broken wrist.
Alex Shellnut - Drums
After replacing original drummer Bobby Scruggs in 2006, Alex came in to play drums on the bands second album, For Those Who Have Heart. After the successful release of the album, Shellnut and A Day To Remember hit it big.
Kevin Skaff - Lead Guitar
Tom Denney departed from the band in 2008 to focus on his family and his recording studio, and was replaced by Kevin Skaff, former member of Four Letter Lie. Kevin has played for A Day To Remember since. Denney has stayed good friends with the band, helping to produce both Homesick and also the bands latest album, What Separates Me From You.
Neil Westfall - Rhythm Guitar
The third of the original members, Neil is the quite one, both Neil and Kevin provide backup vocals.