How to install Cygwin and Notepad++

Cygwin is a set of programs that give you Unix/Linux utilities on a Windows machine.   Their tag line is "Get that Linux feeling - on Windows".  It includes such programs as the unix/linux shells and compilers.

You can download the Cygwin setup program for your windows machines by clicking this link:  cygwin setup program

Be sure to select the correct setup-x86 exe for your windows -- either 32 or 64 bit.  Once you download the setup program, run it.  When you run it, you will be presented with some security questions.  Below are Windows 7 questions -- yours may very based on your Windows version:

+ select Run when presented with the warning "The publisher could not be verified.  Are you sure you want to run this software?
+ select Yes to the User Account Control question: "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make change to this computer?"
+ choose "Install from the internet", click Next
+ take the default install directory of C:\cygwin
+ choose a Cygwin package directory (the default is fine).  This directory is where the install will place files, so you can put it where ever you wish.
+ choose "Direct connection", click next
+ choose a download site; the preselected one is usually fine

Now you're at the "Select Packages" screen.  It's easiest to use the "View" button at the top right corner of the screen.  Be sure "Category" is selected (the default).  The screen looks like this:
Screen shot of the Cygwin Select Packages

Expand the "Devel" package selection by clicking on the + next to the Devel.  Scroll down, then select gcc-core (the C compiler)  and gdb (the debugger for C/C++).  You select a package by clicking on the "Skip" text, which should then change to version number as seen here:
Cygwin package selection detail screen

Data Structures and Algorithms Students: 

Please also install Devel -> make             make utility so you can run makefiiles

If you want to try Eclipse, you should include the gcc-g++: GNU Compiler Collection (C++) since this is required for the Eclipse CDT toolchain.

Computer Organization Students:  You should also select the Editors ->  vim package

Other useful packages
  1. Devel -> automake      Automake utility for building gnu open source projects (useful for QA course)
  2. Devel -> make             make utility  (needed for QA course)
  3. Devel -> gdb                symbolic debugger (useful for figuring out why your program is getting segmentation faults, etc.)

Click "Next" until the download begins.  An icon will be placed on the desktop (unless the option is deselected by the current user) when done.

That should do it for cygwin.

C Programming and Data Structures students: We are using Notepad++ for our editor.  Download it via this link:  Notepad++.  At the linked page, select the newest version, and click on the installer.  It will ask if you want to run it, or download it.  Run it, and accept all the defaults as it installs.