Installing CDT into an existing Eclipse

If you already have working Eclipse from a Java class, all you need to do is install the CDT plugin into your eclipse.

  1. Start Eclipse
  2. In the Help menu, select "Install New Software..."
  3. This brings up the Available software screen.  The top box is labeled "Work with: "  At the end of this line, click the Add... button
  4. This brings up a window with a blank space for Name and Location.  You can give it any name, but something like "CDT download site" would be good.
  5. For location, go to the CDT downloads page, and find your Eclipse version.  In your eclipse version, copy and paste the p2 software repository link.  As an example, for Eclipse Luna, the correct link would be:
  6. Select OK. 
  7. After a moment, you'll see two items in the main window: CDT Main Features, and CDT Optional Features.  Press the "Select All" button below this window.
  8. Select Finish, and follow the prompts to accept the software licenses.  As part of the installation, it will also want to restart your eclipse.  Say yes, and allow eclipse to restart.

That's it -- you are done!