Week 9 - Implementing Intelligence

Click on the title of each topic below to be linked to an article about that topic. Each student is responsible for reading every article.      

The Human Brain

The 3-D atlas requires a shockwave plugin, but there are lots of goodies on this site.   

The Neuron

Basics of anatomy of neurons.   

Neural networks

Somewhat awkward article about artificial neural nets   

LISP programming language

Wikipedia overview of LISP, one of the first widely used AI languages   

PROLOG programming language

Prolog is a very different kind of programming language   


STRIPS is a way of expressing AI problems more than an AI programming language. This reading is an example of a planning problem expressed in STRIPS. There are links describing strips more off the example.   

Evolutionary Computing FAQ

read at least Q1 and Q1.1   


Just what is a CAPTCHA?