Week 7 - Media

Click on the title of each topic below to be linked to an article about that topic. Each student is responsible for reading every article.      

Sound recording

An article from wikipedia

Movie technology

Short, simplistic history of early movie technology   

Basics of copyright

Another wikipedia article

Fair Use

Be sure to look for the fair use tests (4 of them) in the Wikipedia article on copyright before reading.  But a good article about fair use in action, and worth reading just for the title of the article alone.

ASCAP and Royalties

A critical history of ASCAP and BMI by a singer/songwriter from northern New England.   

Movie time line

Multi-page history of notable film events. You do NOT need to know all this material. This is available as a background resource ONLY.   

File compression

An article on how file compression works in general.

MP3 Compression

More specifics on MP3 compression.

Libraries and filtering

Statement by the American Library Association about using filtering technology in library browsers.   


The Electronic Frontier Foundation watches over many of the issues discussed in this class, including privacy and (relevant to this section) censorship.  The link above goes to a brief history of the EFF (so you understand their view of their mission), but also take a few minutes and poke around at the top level of the site to see what they are currently working on.

EFF copyright curriculum

I have added this because there is often significant interest in copyrights. This is a collection of material designed for teaching copyright in high school with out the biases that the RIAA/MPAA developed material presents.

Read as much or as little of this material as you want.