Week 5 - Telecommunications

Click on the title of each topic below to be linked to an article about that topic. Each student is responsible for reading every article.      

Roman Signals

Romans had specialized mechanisms for communicating

They were interesting as they used two very different mechanisms for encoding information.

New World Runners

Possibly because the new world societies never developed the wheel as a technology (although they did use it as a toy), they developed tremendous runner networks.


This article is a bit simplistic, but covers the basics.

Pony Express

The pony express is another animal powered communication system   


Easy to read history of radio.

History of Arpanet

Read parts I and II

Development of Ethernet

Another simplistic article


Slightly dated piece by one of the key developers.

It stops (chronologically) about when most of your personal knowledge starts.

OSI 7 Layers

The 7 layer cake has defined the model for networking for about a quarter century.   

History of WIFI

Economist article about the history of WiFi   


Bulletin board systems defined a precursor to much of the modern web.