Week 13 - The Future

As We May Think

his is a classic future prediction, written by a leading technologist just as WWII was ending.

We will discuss what he got right and wrong in class, so please be prepared by having read it.

Kurzweil as a futurist

A summary of his predictions, based on the book "Age of Spiritual Machines"

Kurzweil's big picture view

Where we are and where we are going from a glass is at least half full viewpoint.

Please at least scan read this one as well.

The Singularity

The singularity is a radical notion promoted by Kurzweil and others that we are moving into a fundamentally different world,   

The glass might be half empty

An opposing view from Bill Joy, another important technologist (co-founder of Sun Computer, key contributor to Unix and Java).   


Nanorobotics (and nanotechnology) is one possible future technology that may (or may not) have interesting possible consequences.   


Claytronics is one name for programmable matter, that is materials that can reconfigure themselves, akin to the T1000 in T2. This is the overview from one project attempting to develop this technology.

Brain in a bottle

Slides from a talk given at the Wild and Crazy Ideas session of ASPLOS (an important computing conference) about building the ultimate hardware. The last WE will ever design?