Readings for Intro to IST

Week 1 Introduction

This week provides a course introduction but no readings   

Week 2 - Modelling the natural world

In this week, we will look at the history of automated means to model the natural world.

There are readings.

Week 3 - Counting and Computing

This week we look at how automated devices help count and compute.   

Week 4 - Information Storage and Retrieval

In this week, we look at managing information historically and currently.   

Week 5 - Telecommunications

In this section, we look at the history and current technology of telecommunication   

Week 6 - Privacy and Security

We look at the impact of computing on security issues and personal privacy.   

Week 7 - Media

We look at the history, implementation and impact of automated media.   

Week 8 - Operations Research

This unit looks at how information technology has changed the approach to operations of organizations and other complex problems. 

Week 9 - Implementing Intelligence

In this unit, we look at how both natural and artificial intelligence works.

Week 10 - What is thinking?

This section looks at the theory behind computing and thinking from many different angles   

Week 11- Robotics

We look at robots and the various technologies that exist and are needed to make people's dreams about them real.    

Week 12 - Fun and games

This thread considers the development of electronic games and the corresponding development of computer graphics.    

Week 13 - The Future

This thread looks at how the future of technology will treat us.
Please read the first  reading before class on Friday, 4/29.