CIS-3050 Algorithms and Data Structures

Assignment 2

Due:  Monday, Sept 20

This assignment is to implement two template classes, Node and SList.
      Node should be the singly linked node we went over in class.  Include the following methods:

The constructor for Node should support being called with no arguments, with just a data argument, and with both arguments supplied.

SList should define a singly-linked list that uses Node.  Include the following methods:

If is preferable (but not required) to implement print by overriding the << operator in the SList class.

To be turned in: 
    1. Your implementation of the Node class.  This will consist of (at least) Node.h, and possibly Node.cpp
    2. Your implementation of the SList class.  This will consist of SList.h and possibly SList.cpp
    3. A program (C++ main) that fully tests the SList class.  Be sure to test all the public functions
    4. Within the comments of SList and Node, be sure to mention the runtime performance (Big-Oh notation) of each function of SList.
Some requirements:

As needed, I can be reached via email, AIM or in my office on the 2nd floor of the 700 building.  See my schedule page for my official office hours. I also anticipate being available during the afternoons until around 4p.    If you do need help, including your source code files in any email to me can be helpful and save time.

Good Luck and Good Coding!