Gould & Sons Well Drilling

Pump & Tank Installing

What Is A Pump & A Tank?

A pump is a device that is installed in the well that forces water into the house. A tank is a storage for the water.

How Is The Process Done?

First, we cut a hole in the well below ground for a pitless that will be connected to the pump. We then attach pipe and wire from the pitless to the inside of the house where it will be attached to the tank.

Would I Need To Pay Someone To Dig Around The Well To My House?

You can if you want. We will do that ourselves if you would like us to. Afterwards, we also hay and seed your property so you can have your lawn back to the way it was.

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Gould & Sons Well Drilling
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A pump in a well
A diagram of a pump in a well.
A tank that is used to hold water from the well.