CIS Student Projects - 2017

Project: VTC Remote Lab Experience

Personnel: Hossain M. Al-Mordef (Information Technology), Wayne S. Watker (Information Technology), and Thomas Weening (Information Technology)

Description: With the introduction of the College's networking certificate programs, VTC is teaching students in industry that cannot travel to a physical campus location, but still need access to the equipment in the labs. The Remote Lab Experience will give students access to 3 PoDs (Security, Switching and Routing) that will be preconfigured, documented, and set aside for use by remote and onsite users at the Williston location. This system will enable students to get valuable experience in configuring the devices in a virtual environment when studying for various courses and certificates.

Project: JD Weather Station
Personnel: Dan Broe (Information Technology) and Jon Henault (Information Technology)

Description: The goal of this project is to provide people with a project plan for a functioning, open-source weather station that is a much cheaper alternative to all of the commercially built weather stations on the market today. It will produce usable, hyper-local weather data that comes from a database collecting that data from the JD Weather Station. It will have different sensors that collect data on different aspects of weather (i.e. temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, etc.). The site will also have the ability to provide data from popular weather APIs in the event of a failed sensor or non-functioning database. The JD Weather Station will be self-contained in a weatherproof enclosure that will be able to be positioned wherever the user wishes to collect weather data. Inside the enclosure will be a Raspberry Pi that will receive data from the sensors, record data to a database, and host the main web site. The site will contain a main weather dashboard, along with a second page that will be used to configure the sensors and database.

Project: Knightly Party Table
Personnel: Daniel Bingham (Software Engineering), Danielle DeLorenzo (Information Technology), James MacDonald (Computer Engineering), and Nolan Pritchard (Information Technology)

Description: The Knightly Party Table combines the fun and freedom of board games with the easy accessibility and convenience of computer games. Do you love board games but hate the time it takes to set up and clean up? Are you frustrated when you don't have time to finish your game and you can't leave it set up for next time? Is your closet so over crowded with game boxes you can never find the game you want and have no room for new games? The KPT is the answer.

The KPT is a stand-alone electronic board game table. It comes pre-loaded with many classic games such as Checkers, Battleship, and Chess. Just select the game you wish to play and it's up on the screen; no setup or cleanup necessary. Games can be saved so you can pick them up at a later time without the worry that someone moved the pieces or having to set the whole game up again. Also unlike other computer based board games the KPT allows free play so you can use all your house rules.

The Knightly Party Table is unique in a market full of arcade tables and computer games, it brings your favorite board games to you in a convenient format and at a cheaper price than other game tables that can cost upward of $2000.

Project: UConnect
Personnel: Daniel Clark (Software Engineering), John-Robert Densmore (Software Engineering), Brendan Dolan (Software Engineering), Peter Hebert (Computer Engineering), and Zach Matthews (Software Engineering)

Description: The current smart home environment is centered around awkward interaction with devices via your phone. UConnect seeks to provide users with an alternative method to interact with their smart home devices, using a wearable device to wirelessly interact with devices in your home. UConnect allows for you to easily transition your non-smart devices to be smart, by using our outlet receiver you can wirelessly power up devices from lights to your blender. Using our PC receiver you can wirelessly interact with applications on your computer.

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