Vermont Anemometer Loan Program Application


First Name - ______________ Last Name - __________________

Street Address-__________________________________________

City/Town - _________________________ State and Zip Code -___________

Phone Number - ______________________

Email Address - ______________________

Site Elevation - ______________________

Acres at site - ____________________

Is the site grid connected?(circle one) YES NO



Please describe your intentions for using a wind power system: (e.g. on-site energy use, net metering, remote water pumping, etc.)






A potentially good wind site will be a cleared field at least 135 x 135 square and at an altitude greater than the surrounding landforms, or will have little to no obstructions to the line of sight in a westerly direction. An ideal wind site would have a clear horizontal view sweeping from the north to the south in a westerly direction to capture the prevailing winds in our area. There should not be any trees or buildings taller than 30ft. within a 500 ft. radius from the anemometer site. The site should not be closer than 70 to a house, building or property line.


Describe how your site compares with these ideal conditions. What are the obstructions to the west and how tall are they? Is the site on the eastern or western slope of a hill or mountain? (Attach a separate sheet if needed)







Please describe the ground conditions for your land at the location where the anemometer tower will be installed: Soil type (rocky, clay, sand, soil, etc.)





What is the elevation and exposure of the surrounding areas?




List any obstacles that may influence the wind flow.







Will there be animals present on tower site during loan period? If so, are you willing to fence the tower area to assure that no grazing animals can reach the tower or support system?




Other items that you may be asked to provide include:

Documentation proving ownership

Sketches of your property that include compass directions, proposed location for anemometer tower, electrical interconnection location, location of trees or other structures that would influence the flow of the wind (indicate height of obstructions).

Show requested site for tower install, if any. Indicate areas that, for whatever reason, cultural, legal, etc. are excluded from consideration

A topographic map of the area marked with your site .

If net metering is being considered, please also include locations and voltages of any nearby power lines and substation. Has the local utility agreed to provide transmission?

If you are a homeowner, research the potential legal and environmental obstacles to installing a wind system. For example, some jurisdictions restrict the height of the structures permitted in residentially zoned areas, although variances are often obtainable.

I verify that I have read the loan program description and understand the terms associated with this application.



Will you have any foreseeable problems complying with any part of the included Anemometer Loan Agreement form?





If you do not have a topographical map of your site you can obtain the latitude, longitude, and altitude of your site (as well as a topographical map) by going to Type in your area, then place the cursor on your site and click. The coordinates of the site should be listed at the top of the map. You can also read the approximate altitude of your site by following the closest contour line to its associated elevation reading. Latitude, Longitude and Altitude information can also be obtained from U.S. Geological Survey Maps, which are normally available at camping stores







Please send application to:

Vermont ALP John Kidder

Vermont Technical College

P.O. Box 500

Randolph Center, Vermont 05061

Phone: 802.728.1783 fax: 802.728.1390