Vermont Small-Scale Wind Energy Demonstration Program

This program includes information about the demonstration of small-scale wind systems around Vermont (including the 10 kW turbine at Vermont Tech) and also presents the data collected in the anemometer loan program.  A good source for information about small-scale wind systems.


The American Wind Energy Association web site is a good source for information about the wind power industry, current trends, and general facts about wind power.

Renewable Energy Vermont

This website includes useful information about renewable energy businesses and programs in Vermont.  This is a good source for locating Vermont businesses who can help select and install a renewable energy system.

US Department of Energy

The website includes links to programs in renewable energy and energy efficiency and is a good first source for general background information on these technologies.  The Wind Powering America program includes information about small-scale wind systems.

NRG Systems

NRG systems manufactures the towers and sensors used in this program.  The website includes documentation about the tower systems including dimensions, diagrams, and installation guidelines.



Vermont Small Wind Demonstration Program









Vermont Wind Assessment Program