Towers and Sensors

This program uses 30 meter tall tilt-up towers, sensors, and data loggers manufactured by NRG Systems in Hinesburg VT ( The 30 meter height is typical for small wind turbine systems with powers of 10-100 kW.  The wind speed is measured using cup anemometers located at the 20m and 30m levels and a wind vane is used to monitor wind direction.  These sensors are connected to a battery-powered data logger at the base of the tower.  A temperature sensor is also installed.

Tower tubes consist of a combination of 3m (10') and 1.5m (5') sections of 152mm (6") diameter which slide together without bolts or clamps, then tilt up from the ground with a ginpole and winch. 

NRG TallTowers are supported with aircraft cable guy wires in four directions at each guy level. The anchors are placed 60 ft from the base of the towers.  Guy wires are anchored with standard screw-in anchors (other anchor types are available for various soil conditions). No cranes or concrete foundations are required but installation of the auger or bolt anchors may require some excavation either by hand or using excavation equipment.


An diagram of  the 30m tower is shown below.

Vermont Wind Assessment Program