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Arriving in Maine Nov 2003









Preparing for the arrival   Spring 2004



Arriving in Vermont June 2004


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Laid up at 581 Mason Road in Randolph Vermont    Summer 2004



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Removing the deck fabric  Summer 2004



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Bad frame spots on the starboard side….beginning the process of replacing them…  Summer 2004




The first winter in Vermont…it’s actually almost “spring” at this point.  Mar 2005



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Summer 2005   Uncovering the frames and getting into the structural repairs








Learned how to harvest locust crooks for frames…these are some of the first piled outside my shop prior to milling.    June 2005


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(Left)  At the beginning I removed the old frames and used them for templates. Here is an old frame laid out on a locust crook for tracing.  (Right) One of the first frames fitted in.    Summer 2005





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Boat work on winters night …. Jan 2006  Harvesting larch for planking   June 2006








From advise by boat builder, Nate Piper, I shifted to creating luan templates instead of the old frames.  July 2006




New and old floor timbers. Jan 2007





Removing old bronze keel bolts with heads blind between lead and oak keels.  It took some time to develop the process and the tools.  Homemade hole saw (1 in tubing custom machined) and extracted bronze bolt.   Jan 2007


140_4074     144_4475

Frames preband saw…still using hand power planar, reciprocal saws, etc.  New frames, linseed oiled and primed.  Spring 2007

143_4313    152_5260

Fitting in new keel bolts…Above left -  locust crook used as a lever to drill up into lead keel.  Above right - Ships auger hand twisted to drill out 1 in diameter hole though lead keel (~6 in thick).  Below -  New floors, frames, and keel bolts fitted in. The existing stainless keel bolts (installed in every other station in 1986) were in great shape.  New stainless bolts replaced the original bronze bolts (1951) - April 2008





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Moved up into the bow to replace the keel and forefoot fasteners. Right- removing the steel shoe over the bow.  Summer 2008




Built a bow roof shed in Dec 2008….this was a huge improvement.





One side of the shop…I got the bandsaw and the jointer in the spring of 2009…should have done it 3 years earlier…. made a big difference with frame production.   Spring 2009


100_2923    100_2909

Beveling a new frame from locust.   New locust frames, luan templates, power planer, belt sander.  Summer 2009



100_3959  100_3958

Fall 2009… The boat shed is working great.  The wood on the right is larch planking stock and locust framing stock.





Making some progress…new frames in the bow section and amidships where most of the replacement is needed.  Hoping to begin putting planks on soon…..  Spring 2010